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TRIP ART 🌑 Visual artist that discovered his talent and creativity through the failure of the clubs and festivals, starting at the beginning of 2020 due to COVID-19.

Image editing turned into video clips, music videos and VJ sets. As it is already well known in techno, dark, crazy and unique, own self designed loops, media footage, digital art, sex, blood and trippy blending layering effects. All created by an irradiated head, into a complete live composition.


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@fabiopanaro_official /@svenwittekind _TM003/////video by ...
28.09.2021 02:44
creating and testing some new kinky shit, for the upcoming vj ...
28.09.2021 02:41
VIDEO PREMIERE: @dancedivine_ - Axis (DURCH) video by ...
28.09.2021 01:46
Lines 3d dance
27.09.2021 21:33
Lines 3d dance
27.09.2021 21:32
Epileptic Malefunction
27.09.2021 21:20
Undead visuals
27.09.2021 21:19

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amni G24
07.10.2021 01:13
amni G25
07.10.2021 01:13