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I'm just getting started in video. I have been DJing here and there for about 8 years. Mainly weddings and sweet 16s. Started doing lighting about 2 years ago. Having a lot of fun learning about the way that video lights and sound can all interact. I've been messing around in Blender and Resolume Arena. Learning to create my own content. Hopefully I can create some things that will be useful to others.

I'm trying to make sure that most of my content doesn't clip the edges of the screen and uses Alpha, unless it's a background.

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2 Cube Wireframe Rotating Musgrave Alpha DXV3
20.12.2019 08:26
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Rotating Morphing Sci Fi Sphere
17.12.2019 20:46
Spinning Green and Black Sphere with Alpha Background
11.12.2019 15:20
Spinning Green and Black Sphere with Alpha Background
09.12.2019 17:49
Spinning Green and Black Cube with Alpha Background
09.12.2019 17:47
Rotating Wireframe Blue Cube
09.12.2019 16:12
Rotating Cube
09.12.2019 15:49

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IMMERSION, Dome 1, bricks
17.12.2019 22:39
IMMERSION, Dome 4, drops
17.12.2019 22:38
17.12.2019 22:19