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The origin of Prosper is highly disputed and full of myth, mystery, and speculation. The most popular assumption is that he is the bastard son of a crème de menthe and yoo hoo fueled night of partying at the Phoenix Foundationís advanced research facility. Though claims of alien visitor, ancient god of shiny things, and a combine repair technician all have a strong following.

Prosper didnít really come to Europe; he more or less just appeared one day in the paper recycling bin outside the Munich train station crunk dancing to only music that he could hear. Originally he was taken to the zoo, but after a hosing down and apology, it was determined that no, he is not a wild animal; he is domesticated.

After a short-lived venture of unsuccessfully petitioning the X Games committee into accepting hand grenade tetherball as a competition sport, he became depressed and moved to Newfoundland. Being 30 minutes off from the rest of the world allowed him to set his priorities and return with vigor.

He returned to Norway. This time we know how as he was discovered half-mad from eating smuggled cigarettes in a sealed steamer trunk pulled off of a whaling boat on a random inspection. To this day, when the nights are dark and the air is heavy and cold, you can distinctly make out the sound of him singing 90ís cartoon themes with random cursing from where ever he made his snow fort this time.

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