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WHP Live Visual Creators
ChairTV is a collection of future thinking artists, architects, designers, activists & theorists.

Engaged with the development of art & technology in relation to synaesthesia, visual music and the investigation into non-material forms of visual culture practice and its implication on the built environment.

Finding innovative and industrious solutions to contemporary problems. Developing an international reputation for creating spectacular live video design, interactive media with a unique visual identity.

Producing works of art and design that can be seen regionally, nationally and globally. Working on a variety of tours and performances. Producing video and stage design, with artists and organisations such as; Mad Decent, Radio 1, Erol Alkan, London Fashion week and many more. Current lines of enquiry involve the design and implication of interactive new media and arts. Allowing for greater flexibility of adaptive systems, immersive environments and their integration into the fabric of popular culture.

ChairTV have been involved in the whole series of events, from the conception of The Warehouse Project at Boddingtons, to its creation at Stores St. It has been a unique journey, developing a visual style that both reflects the ideology of ChairTV and contributes to the visual experience of The Warehouse Project. Together we have developed positive relationships that contribute to the cultural development of Manchester, supporting creative processes and developing content to inspire and enthuse a generation of creative people and minds.

When asked about the Warehouse Project ChairTV talk about their fondness of the event. Describing it as a home for their art where they are given the freedom to explore new concepts in design and image.

“We’ve had a range of positive feedback from artists and public alike, which is always encouraging and there’s been some truly exciting and memorable shows. Laurent Garnier at Boddies, Busy P and the Edbanger nights, Aphex twin and the reflex party at Stores St. Justice was also a major highlight for us in 2008. We’ve made some great friends… It’s been a real honour to work alongside some of these artists, our friends and the promoters equally. We are constantly excited by the line-ups the electronic soundscapes and continuing development of the project. Giving us new insight and inspiration for nurturing our visual art and ideas. The Warehouse Project has been a huge landmark event for the city since the Hacienda, allowing Manchester to take its rightful position again at the centre of contemporary club culture in the UK.”

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A Very Weird Geometric Shape
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Particle 3
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