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BEN-YU VISUALS concept was created in 2005 by Ruben Folha "BEN-YU".Since then it grew up from a simple Vj work to a CREW of three elements completed in December 2007.BEN-YU VISUALS is more than a audiovisual creation project as you can see read about in their website. BEN-YU VISUALS constructs real time environments using video, audio and space; as installation, set design and performance. Trying to provide to the audience a new kind of rhythmical and visual sensations.
In the music we tryed out from conceptual, minimal, techno, house or even electro to drum n´ bass, from a live set to a dj set, from a club to an open space...BEN-YU VISUALS CREW alternated between stage projects, mainly the collaboration with some dance and theatre companies, installations, one channel videos and live video improvisation, which has resulted in numerous screenings, presentations and performances.
RUBEN FOLHA or "BEN-YU", has focused on alternative channels to present his work: in theatre and dance mainly. Currently studies at the Superior School of Dance (Lisbon) and he has also studied Anthropology for two semesters in UNIversidade Nova de Lisboa.Now he lives and works mainly between Oporto, Lisbon and Azores, performing in several different Clubs and stages. RUI PIRES Graduated by the Superior School of Theater and Cinema (Lisbon)is a screen writer for television, cinema and advertising. He also devellops conceptual music projects.And since 2005 collaborates with the Theater Company "O Dargoeiro", from Azores. He was one the elements who found the Cultural Association "7 Dogs to a Bone".NELSON MONFORTE Graduated by the Superior School of Theater and Cinema (Lisbon) in Theater worked in several different productions for Television and Theater.He is the Director of the Theater Company "O Dragoeiro", in Azores.He give theater formation thru all the portuguese country for different schools, academies and Companies.

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23.03.2012 18:47
Clash Club_2011 logo
23.03.2012 17:03
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Do not copy_typo
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14.09.2011 22:40
Blast this club promo
14.09.2011 22:34
14.09.2011 21:44
Beatbender presentation
14.09.2011 21:35
VCR PROMO Movement 1 year - Special Christmas Edition
15.12.2010 19:46
Clash Club - 20 Novembro
10.11.2010 20:42
the toxic avenger promo test
01.10.2010 06:00
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intro clash
01.10.2010 05:26
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espinho beach party 3
01.10.2010 05:20
clash club the toxic avenger
01.10.2010 05:04
clash club steve aoki
01.10.2010 04:32
espinho beach party sammy jo
01.10.2010 04:29

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Landschaft Einfach
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chindogu object
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hugs & drugs
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triangles loop
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We're fucked!
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Orange David
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still computer
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still telephone
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still television
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PLUM vectors
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Schematic World Slow 03
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