vpDude Beta

this page is not available in english. but like this:

What is vpDude?

vpDude is an integrated tool to manage, share, and expand your own vj library on your hard drive:
a VJ-Tool independent way to organize and find your clips through tags.

check our short presentation, howto and explanation

Adobe Bridge?

Yes you're right, vpDude has many similarities to Adobe Bridge; we like Bridge, and it is a difficult goal to mimic and improve upon it for VJ use.
But keep in mind that, conceptually, vpDude works in some different areas:

What is the current Status?

basically all important features are available and working. but not everything is perfect, we know.

known problems and areas for improvement with 0.5.2:


a FAQ is here. This is also visible directly through vpDude.

Download where?

download the current version 0.5.2 (march 2012):

release notes:

old versions:
0.5.1 : mac, win
0.5.0 : mac, win

if you find bugs, need help or want to support us please get in contact with us