VIDEO PREMIERE: @dancedivine_ - Axis (DURCH) video by @trip.art.vj

Benny Seeger

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@thebrvtalist is pleased to premiere a new video off the new non-profit release, Utopia Glitches, the third release from Berlin/Tel Aviv sex positiv queer techno party, @durch.party . Consisting of 4 tracks, today we premiere a great video from Dance Divine, who produces transmedia works and grows new narratives through hard sound and vision on how to inhabit 5D with conscious levitation and solid stand against thecistem. An upcoming EP "Byebyenarism" will unfold states of a nonbinary world where desires eradicate sacrifices. Dance Divine founded @shaktistream and is a resident of @xeno_exhibitions Brussels.

Their track 'Axis' screens an infused battle between animus and anima, in which the self heals from a brutal sexual game. „Axis“ is Dance Divine take on the harder side of electronic music. The track is carried by a hollow, gabber inspired super fast kick. The type of beat that truly deserves to be called hitting. Dance Divine vocals aim to awaken a dormant rage and assimilate the darker insides to the self. Courage in the face of fear is cure. Axis is Chicks on Speed, on speed. It is hard, beautifully gothic, political, powerful and incredibly fun. As always, the proceeds from the release go to Queer causes and this release will benefit TransInterQueer e.V. (TrIQ) and Casa Kuà. Out now and you can support now on Bandcamp @bandcamp

Dancer : Amissa @amis.sa

Camera : Matteo Volpin

Video Edit: trip.art__ @trip.art__
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