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Tachyons+ Video Synth Clip7

Ride The Tracking

Uploaded on 14.05.2015 @ 01:27
Clip Type : raw Footage
Clip Style : Video
Tags : blue sky purple azure atmosphere line texture water green cobalt blue ocean sea aqua wave light electric blue water resources calm atmosphere of earth wind wave horizon

This clip is an original recording of a Tachyons+ analog circuit bent machine, it is based on an Archer video processor.
If there is no video input signal, the machine can be used as a video synth in realtime.
These clips were recorded by myself onto Betamax BII format, then captured to mp4 via VideoGlide and imported into Adobe Premiere for editing. Premiere clips are exported at 1440x1080, 25fps, 4Mbps h.264 renamed to .mov for upload.
This file is 34.7Mb.
Videoglide will often not be able to capture extreme Tachyons+ settings due to Time Based Correction issues (Betamax records everything fine), so these clips are heavily edited. All blank and frozen areas removed.
I think these clips would be useful for any abstract/ambient/glitch/8bit/circuit bent/vintage/80s/tv effect type of video.
Using blend modes on 2 or more clips could potentially be hours of fun!... almost like having a real video synth! :)
All my clips here are free to be used and abused, and I look forward to see any remixes or links/photos of the clips being used!
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