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Quartz Grid Tutorial


Uploaded on 02.07.2013 @ 09:58
Clip Type : Documentation
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VDMX tutorial on how to use my quartz grid patch created for the videopong attachment/source/project contest.

download the attached grid.qtz

UPDATE: somehow the audio track of the tuorial got lost, download the original mov below, to hear my explanations on how to use the patch in VDMX. The VDMX interface will also be a lot better to read.

or watch the tutorial with audio on Vimeo:
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Attachment Type: qtz: generator: quartz
Attachment Description: grid patch created in Quartz Composer
Attachment Usage: Drag the patch into the media bin in VDMX. Assign the patch to a layer and use the control interface in VDMX to change the grids appearance and make it move...
Attachment Tested in: VDMX
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charcut_grid_vdmx.qtz 27.9KB
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Manuel on 12.03.2014 @ 20:02

I can't download the zip file. "Saving linked file as" just saves an HTML link file. Clicking it does nothing. ????

Ray on 18.09.2013 @ 00:16

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