Rotating Wire Spheres Quartz Composer

David Lublin

Uploaded on 18.06.2013 @ 16:51
Clip Type : Interactive
Clip Style : 3D, Generative
Tags : darkness blue black font cobalt blue light atmosphere atmosphere of earth night organism sky sphere electric blue circle graphics black and white monochrome photography jellyfish marine invertebrates crystallography cnidaria earth

Control several wireframe spheres in space with parameters!

Download the attachment file for the original Quartz Composer composition to play in your favorite Mac VJ app as a real-time generator.
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Attachment Type: qtz: generator: quartz
Attachment Description: Variation on VDMX cubes patch
Attachment Usage: Use with VDMX or other Quartz Composer capable application for VJing.
Attachment Tested in: VDMX and Quartz Composer
Attachment Requirements: OS X, Quartz Composer to edit the original
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Code Repository Website::
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