win a V4 Videomixer - analog contest examples - 12.10. - 31.12.2012


Uploaded on 12.10.2012 @ 18:29
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You know the V4 for sure, as its still one of the best mixers to mix live. we give away an almost new V4 mixer for the best analog created clip that is uploaded as remix to this one.

this is just a small selection of some analog series i did as member of bildstörung vjs (http://www.bildstoerung.ch/klubitime.html) to give some ideas, if you dont know yet... use your imagination, stuff you have, play around. the more analog the better!

The image needs to be created analog (means filmed/fotographed) stuff. Some little postprocessing is allowed. But no digital created image (except cameras of course)... hope this explanation is understandable....
good luck
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thank you! it was a lot of work but totally worth it :-) i really liked this contest, it gave me a lot of energy to produce some new footage. thank you videopong!!

m0. on 05.01.2013 @ 00:33

big ups to m0.! fruit slice looked like a lot of work, well deserved!

starpause on 04.01.2013 @ 23:18

the proud winner is the "fruit slice" clip

contest on 04.01.2013 @ 22:56

so who won the contest? ;-)

Martin aka honigtiger on 03.01.2013 @ 20:47

i love the creative commons and have been releasing audio on netlabels for a long time, now getting into video! thanks for running the awesome website + contest

starpause on 22.11.2012 @ 07:18

yep just create stuff analog, like these examples of my experiments. upload as many clips as you like! have fun!

mr.shintla on 21.10.2012 @ 22:59

ok now I got it, thx! btw, good question by cannabachus...1 clip max. per participant?

Martin aka honigtiger on 19.10.2012 @ 22:16

How many clips are allowed per participant?

cannabachus on 18.10.2012 @ 03:51

Got it, you have to create a clip using analog equipment (camera,handycam,etc....). The clip shown as example is to have the idea. Please let me know if im wrong =)

cannabachus on 18.10.2012 @ 03:51

so let me clarify: to participate, i need to download the above digital footage, remix it with analog technology and re-upload the result? what types of software are allowed?

sorry for being a greenhorn here ;-)

Martin aka honigtiger on 16.10.2012 @ 21:24

Uploaded Remixes: