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come closer, read it, take part, rate clips and win prizes!

we're hosting contests with real prizes in this channel. each contest starts with one single clip. you need to upload your contest entry as a remix to this clip (or to its remixes). all other clips in this channel get deleted and do not take part on any contest. you're allowed to take part as many times you want.

and the winner is: in the end we have 3 votes that decide the winner:

  • the public ratings: 1 vote
  • a jury from the prize donators: 1 vote
  • a jury from and 1 vote


Running Contests


Past Contests:

8.Sept - 8.Oct 2014
This, this and this won a Blendy Dome VJ License and got featured at the FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival!

18.June - 17.July 2013:
The best Attachment/Source/Project won a VDMX License: these!

15.January - 28.February 2013:
The best clip "frames and shapes" called RetroGame won a CoGe license.

12.Oct - 31. Dec 2012:
The best analog produced clip
won a V4 Videomixer.

1.August - 15. September 2012:
The best Remix of this clip won a CellDNA License

1.June - 15.July 2012:
The best Remix
of this clip won a boxed Resolume Avenue 4. Read Review by Resolume

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cc2 Space travel (Immersion) Immersive Octopus (Vj Dome Contest) IMMERSION - DOME - CONTEST full dome Underwater spaceship trip immersion full dome glowing snakes spiral IMMERSION, Dome 4, drops IMMERSION, Dome 3, eye
Full Dome Emit Immersion full dome liquid immersion full dome matrix trip full dome matrix loop IMMERSION, Dome 2, water IMMERSION, Dome 1, bricks IMMERSION_UI Strings Starfish Strings Seashell
Planetarium Fire Hairs Horns Hypercube 01 Neons glitch Tesseract hypercube 2 Domeconmest dome_140904_06
dome_140904_04 dome_140904_03 dome_140904_02 dome_140904_01 dome_140904_05 dome_140904_08 dome_140904_07 Fruit slice with James Dean Spinewave
HUD 1.1 + RSS Spinewave mask_dots_02_used Fluttering Eyes Spaider Poligon Cubical 2.1 APV + Lycra Touch Flower Cubic Mix Midi QC Ableton
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