videopong presents vpDude

very soon videopong gets 3 years old and this time we have a present for you: we’re proud to announce to the public „vpDude“ – an integrated tool to manage, tag, share, and expand your own vj library on your hard drive. more info and download here. (beta testers need to uninstall their version and reinstall it manually. sorry mates…)


a) users

  • we checked the rating-stats for 2011 and gave the „top uploader 2011“-award to the following users: theLABvisuals, fleisch and this. thanx mates! excellent work!

b) new features

  • the download-filename can be changed to your own schema (set it in your settings)
  • number of clips in list views is changeable
  • users with good share-ratio have access on a cliplog (see downloaders, …)

c) events

  • swiss vj camp ’12: if you’re around basel switzerland the 25/26.may you should get in contact as we do there also a videopong-user-meeting and many other cool things.


    d) internals and stuff

    • wow, we have already more than 9000 clips online. lets head forward for 10K!

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