videopong+ , new embed, awards!

here come the latest news, right after the code publish…

a) new embed
the old „embed a clip in your website mechanism“ was still based on a very old flash. from now on we have a much better mechanism, which is actually the same player and size as your clips on videopong. please replace your clip-embeds with the new code. the old is still working for another month, but then the old player gets replaced with a message that shows you how to replace your embed code (just copy/paste then).


b) videopong+ membership
as you know videopong is fully non-commercial and a spare-time project. but still there are some bills to pay (server rent, domain names, player licences, …). i managed to finance videopong in the past with art-sponsorings, selling a white labeled version, crowd funding and paying by my own. i’ve never got any money from this project but think it should fund itself. so i ask you members to upgrade to a videopong+ membership, which is 10$ a year or once 100$ for a lifetime membership.

so here is the deal: with 10$ per year or 100$ once, you get a videopong+ membership: first it will unlock all cool features to come. second and most important you support videopong and allow it to stay alive and last but not least your share-ratio gets doubled and you get a lovely badge ( and ) !
everything about videopong+ memberships

no worry: all the features videopong offers now, keep staying for non-videopong+ members. but your help is highly appreciated. thanx!


c) top 2016 user awards
here are the users that uploaded the most and got the most positive ratings and downloads and so on. congrats to:




thanks for your support and looking forward for new clips and ideas.
ivo –

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