Videopong at VJ-Festivals in Summer 2010

its already a while since the last news. just a short note that we’re still alive . we’ve been to 3 very exciting festivals and did also some little developments at the platform itself. more details right after the break.

a) festivals
videopong has been invited by the LPM (roma in mai), Visualberlin Festival (berlin in june) and festival visual brasil (barcelona in july).

On all of them we ran our portable take-away server, from which we have now a new much much more portable system, that can also act as internetstreaming server for (live)video and (live)audio. it was very nice to meet users and see the developers of onyx. it was also great to see some clips, that are published exclusively on videopong, being played live. even some from our staff  .

big thanx to all that were involved in the organization of those festivals. we had a really nice time and enjoyed it very much.

b) development
On development side we were not so active, but did some important perfomance improvements and lots of small bugfixes. at least also some to mention:

  • lots of improvements to react faster on copyright violations and a way to keep leechers away. this means more work for our team, but we really think this is worth it. videopong is meant to be for the artists that want to share their own artwork with others.
  • for the year 2009 we’ve given some awards to the top users that supported videopong with their unique and wonderful content: fleisch as „gold top uploader 2009“, this and amadeus each as „silver top uploader 2009“
  • improved and enhanced search: its possible to search for a specific screenformat or license.
  • its now possible to donate via paypal and flattr. just klick at the bottom-right the „donate“ link. thanx.

in the next few weeks we try to make the next step on development-side that contains swf-upload and many other enhancements and usability fixes.

c) some current stats on the community

  • > 4300 uploaded clips
  • around 1000 users from more than 65 countries
  • > 230’000 clip views
  • > 28’000 clip downloads

in april it was 2 years since the first line of code and in june it was 1 year since the first public announcement and therefore we d’like to thank the staff behind the scene, all helpers, partners, supporters and donators. and of course also you!

lpm - rome


festival visual brasil - barcelona

festival visual brasil

flyer 2010

our 2010 festival flyer by this

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