Share Everything Contest – win a VDMX license till 17 July – extended to 28 July

Now for something different… our first contest celebrating the new ability to „share everything“. We are looking for the best code for generative and/or interactive visuals or other config/project files and will be giving away an amazing prize!

We ask that you share two things: first, create the visuals with your tool! And then also some short video documentation of the code/config/project/… in action. then just upload the video like you normally do on videopong. Then, when viewing the video’s page, hit „add an attachment to this clip“ and upload the original interactive composition, project file, code, 3D-model, or any other resources as a single zip file.

more info on how clips can be recorded – for inspiration – can be found here or read a beginner tutorial on making your own Quartz Composer compositions here. But also other source files from any other tool are possible.

Cappello Explosive Cubes Explosive Points Flower Cubic
Flying dog and chicken geometric movement Gradient Group Therapy
Lsd Space Mix Midi QC Ableton Pesci Pelosi Quartz Grid Tutorial
Reactive Points Simple Laser Space Lines The Nodes react to audio

the prize is a full license of VDMX from VIDVOX !! Yes!!

VDMX is a leading environment for Mac based VJs, creative coders, lighting designers and media artists to build their own visual performance tools tailored to their specific needs.  Designed to be flexible and extensible to meet the goals of each individual project big or small, VDMX can handle everything from multiple layers of HD movie playback, real-time interactive video generators and FX processing, and live feeds from Syphon or cameras.  Find out more at

Have fun creating and uploading as many entries as you like! The contest runs through 28 July.


here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)

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