Share Everything Contest – win a VDMX license till 17 July – extended to 28 July

Juni 18th, 2013

Now for something different… our first contest celebrating the new ability to „share everything“. We are looking for the best code for generative and/or interactive visuals or other config/project files and will be giving away an amazing prize!

We ask that you share two things: first, create the visuals with your tool! And then also some short video documentation of the code/config/project/… in action. then just upload the video like you normally do on videopong. Then, when viewing the video’s page, hit „add an attachment to this clip“ and upload the original interactive composition, project file, code, 3D-model, or any other resources as a single zip file.

more info on how clips can be recorded – for inspiration – can be found here or read a beginner tutorial on making your own Quartz Composer compositions here. But also other source files from any other tool are possible.

Cappello Explosive Cubes Explosive Points Flower Cubic
Flying dog and chicken geometric movement Gradient Group Therapy
Lsd Space Mix Midi QC Ableton Pesci Pelosi Quartz Grid Tutorial
Reactive Points Simple Laser Space Lines The Nodes react to audio

the prize is a full license of VDMX from VIDVOX !! Yes!!

VDMX is a leading environment for Mac based VJs, creative coders, lighting designers and media artists to build their own visual performance tools tailored to their specific needs. Designed to be flexible and extensible to meet the goals of each individual project big or small, VDMX can handle everything from multiple layers of HD movie playback, real-time interactive video generators and FX processing, and live feeds from Syphon or cameras. Find out more at

Have fun creating and uploading as many entries as you like! The contest runs through 28 July.


here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)

share everything!!

April 30th, 2013

a week ago we did not only celebrate 8years since the first upload on youtube, but also 5years since the first upload on videopong. and because we’re still in celebration-mood we published now the most important update since back then: we call it „share everything„. in short words this means we’re now able to share not only clips on videopong, but also every kind of files: … project files/interactive patches/executables/source code/… whatever you like!

share everything

all is pretty fresh, but so far quite well tested, but some hickups could be still around. basically we call such uploads „attachments“ and it works like this:
– upload a clip which shows the output of your attachment or a short tutorial to your attachment
– at the clip-detail page of all your clips you find the new „add an attachment to this clip“-link. upload it there…

we want to allow vjs to share not only their pre-rendered footage, but also their sources and interactive stuff and software pieces with other vjs.

(not everything is finished yet, but we like it already so much, that we want to release it. some features and some cleanups will come soon… we’ve not even had time to upload something ourselves yet…)

here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)

We have a winner for the CoGe Contest

März 10th, 2013

a) „Frames and Shapes“ – we have a winner of the latest contest

it was a very close decision from the jury of CoGe, the jury of videopong and all the users votes:

from Monsieur Nuage has won a CoGe License. Have fun and enjoy that wonderful VJ-Tool.

b) Videopong User-Meetup at Centras Festival 8.-14.04 in Kaunas (LT)

we’ll be there from Wednesday and hope to meet some videopong users. if you’re near there, you have to check out this festival. we hope to see some of you. maybe we can eat all together the birthday cake for 5 years of videopong!


player update

Februar 25th, 2013

a) New player

as you might have already seen, we have new player and the previews are also bigger. and very soon, we activate mp4 also to have working videopong also on fruit-devices… yes! please report bugs, if its not working in your browser…


b) let us know your success stories you have with videopong

write us how videopong changed your vjing. we’re going to publish interviews/showcases with videopong users on our blog.

win a CoGe license

Januar 16th, 2013

we’ve started our next (and maybe last) contest yesterday (and i’ve been falling asleep before sending out this newsletter). So this time we have again a very nice prize. we simply love CoGe for its flexibility!

a) „Frames and Shapes“ – win a CoGe license: 15.January – 28.February 2013

upload as many clips you like as remix to this one to enter them to the contest. the only rule is: clips must be created only by using abstract/vector-ish still images with some creative „spice“ like this clip. more info on how this clip is created – for inspiration – can be found at:

About the prize: the prize is a CoGe user license, hold by a beautiful designed and limited edition ornament.

About CoGe: CoGe is a semi-modular VJ application for the Mac, designed for real-time media mixing and compositing, built over the most powerful graphics technologies like Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Syphon and Core Image. CoGe is modular and scalable, controllable by MIDI, OSC or with the Audio Analysis, can play back a numerous type of media types. More info on and here some tutorials

(if you have a product you want to donate/showcase on a videopong contest, contact us)

b)ä½ å¥½ and ¡hola

We’re highly looking for Translators that could donate 3 hours. Especially Spanish and Chinese. If your Language is also missing and want to help us we’re very glad. Please get in contact.

welcome 2013

Januar 4th, 2013

we have a winner of our latest contest:

Fruit Slice
from m0.
with top ratings!
congrats from us and happy mixing with your new V4 mixer!

stay tuned for our very last contest coming up very soon with another very special price!

shiny toys review

Oktober 23rd, 2012

wow. what a nice weekend at the space. thanx to all that were there and helped to make it happen. we built and run a videopong-rating station where people could vote clips:


second contest finished AND third already started! WIN A V4 MIXER

Oktober 12th, 2012

quite a lot going on here:

a) third contest started: win an edirol V4 video mixer
our third videopong contest will be a bit different, this time with the prize of a (almost not) used edirol V4 video mixer. the only rule this time is that your video must be analog.

you have until December 31 for this contest. someone will get a very nice christmas/new years present!

upload your submissions to the contest channel as remix of this clip which shows also some examples of what we’re looking for. use your imagination, play around, experiment, hack, do-it-yourself… enjoy!


b) shiny toys *space 18-21. Oct 2012
ivo will hanging out and working at shiny toys *space 2012 in moers, germany with the take-away server. please come say hi… we plan on potentially hacking things, building videopong interfaces, talking, maybe doing a soldering workshop. if there’s anything in specific you’d like to do or demonstrate, please send us a note. otherwise just stop by when you are there!


c) do you know javascript? want to join the team?
videopong is searching for a passionate javascript developer to help develop a library to paint/show n-remix trees. if you’re interested in helping out, and helping make videopong even better, please send us a note for more details. we’re very excited about getting this implemented

d) livid CellDNA contest winner
congratulations to
VJ Beyond The Eye for winning the livid/videopong remiix contest! the winning clip can be found here:

the winning remix by VJ Beyond The Eye

second remix contest started

August 1st, 2012

Today begins the second Videopong remix contest! This time we are partnered with Livid Instruments, the folks behind some great MIDI hardware and the Cell and CellDNA VJ apps. Try your hand at this contest and you can win your own copy of CellDNA.

We’ve uploaded a new clip – this time with circles. We are hoping to see the same awesome creativity that we had in our last contest – with almost 70 remixes! Upload a remix of this clip (or a remix of someone else’s remix) and may the best video win!

Please use the „upload your remix“ button of your source clip so the remix-tree grows.

The contest runs from 01 August through 15 September.

More about CellDNA:

CellDNA is designed for realtime performance of video, images, and sounds. The intuitive, easy to learn interface gets you quickly mixing video, images, and sound. Live video input, realtime recording, an advanced database for tagging, organizing, and finding clips, network control, and integration with Ableton Live makes CellDNA one of the
most advanced and flexible video tools in your kit. Extensive MIDI learn, and templates for all of Livid’s Controllers as well as a growing library of other controllers (including the Akai APC40 and APC20) allows you to use any MIDI controller for expressive hands-on performance of real-time video. Extensible with Cycling74’s Max software, the possibilities are endless.


first remix contest winner

Juli 27th, 2012

finally we have a winner for the frist remix contest on videpong. oh man. that was hard to decide, so man cool remixes. after having 3 which had the same number of points through the votes of our friends at resolume, the user voting and ourselves, we had to throw a coin. the winner is:

Lines moving across by Paul Power

Congrats for winning the Resolume Licence sponsored by the great guys at Resolume. big big thanx!

the other 2 that hadn’t that much of luck in the fotofinish were these two, we still want to mention, as we like them both very much:

Stripe Remix by zweck

_stripeScraper by fredVj

Read even more in the Resolume Blog

Stay tuned for the next Remix-Contest starting Wednesday!