its already a year since the last videopong newsletter. wow that went pretty fast. anyway we still have news that you might have not noticed. so i keep it short:

a) a new uploader (january)
yes! upload a full batch of clips at once (you’re also able to drag and drop them). try it! its much more comfortable now. and of course we have DXV and HAP upload.

b) random-zappers (february)
– small (a lot of clips):
– medium:
– big (few clips):
way better than watching tv as you get a new selection each 2mins…

c) videopong history wrap up
sorry, its all in swiss german but if you understand it, here my latest videopong presentation at a visual artist meeting at dock18 in z├╝rich:

d) HURRAY: 20’000 clips! (may)
jep, mid may we had the 20’000th clip going online. almost exactly 8 years after my first line of code for videopong! go out and project some of your videopong footage this weekend! let’s celebrate our free footage exchange platform.

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