dxv and hap sharing possible now

a) dxv and hap sharing – jippi!

Hap and DXV are both fantastic video codecs, but up until now it was not possible to share files encoded with them in Videopong, as there was no decoder for them on Linux. However we’ve come up with a hack that works, so sharing both is now possible! Just upload them like any other files. Please let us know if you encounter any problems sharing these files as we work through any kinks.
b) keep videopong running for this year – we’re almost there!

We are making great progress and are at 65% of our funding goal for 2015. To keep the Videopong servers running, please consider donating here. If you did already: thank you so much. you’re keeping our share platform for vjs alive.

Rewards and Perks:

>$30 – Donator Badge on videopong.net
>$50 – Decide which clip gets featured on the front
>$100 – A very limited organic videopong t-shirt
>$100 – A very limited mini videopong mag-lite (yeah, my little live-gig-saver)
>$5 – Promo-Code for the videopong.net-resolume-plugin (read more below)

The Resolume plugin allows you to load all Videopong videos directly into your Resolume sessions – without needing to download them. By just pasting the video URLs into the plugin, you can try to integrate all kinds of clips with your set and favorite effects.

Just like any other video clips, you can use MIDI or OSC to play, pause and adjust the videos, and the timeline functions are all linked to the Resolume dashboard.

You can purchase the plugin for $20 or get it for free with all donations of at least $5 on the videopong fundraising campaign. Learn more about that plugin here: http://tentonraygun.com/videopong-viewer/.


c) we’re looking for people with passion and vision

if you want to run contests, spread our news, php develop, translate, want to use videopong for class, hack hardware, organize an exhibition, make art,… we’re an open archive with an api and the possibility to maintain our own codebase, so we all can build lots of stuff around videopong (like our rating-station). get in contact.

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