donate and get the new videopong-resolume plugin – and more…

a) Please help to keep videopong funded for 2015
we need your help! please donate

as you might know: the whole videopong project is non-profit, add-free and free for all. but nevertheless we need to keep our servers up and running and also paid. end of 2014 all financial supports from art-sponsorings have run out, so we try to keep videopong funded via the community. please donate to keep it going: . we also have cool rewards/perks:

>$30 – Donators Badge on
>$50 – Decide which clip gets featured on the front
>$100 – A very limited organic videopong t-shirt (which is not yet ready, but will be awesome!)
>$100 – A very limited mini videopong mag-lite (jeah, my little live-gig-safer)
>$5 – Promo-Code for the new YEAAAAAAH (read more below)

b) Videopong Player Resolume Plugin
We are pleased to announce a new plugin for Resolume (OSX and Windows): the Videopong Player! With it, you can load Videopong videos directly into your Resolume interface! Simply copy a Videopong URL from the address bar of your browser into the Resolume control panel and you’re good to go. You can layer any footage and apply blends, masks, alphas, RGB channels, resizes, etc. All timeline functions are linked to the Resolume dashboard, and you can use sliders or MIDI hardware to play, pause, set in/out points, scrub the timeline, or adjust the volume of your Videopong video in real time! All details here:

For all donations (at least 5$) on our fundraise campaign (see above) you receive a promocode which will be a 100% discount on the Videopong Player the next few weeks. so please donate and get the Resolume Plugin.


c) the world famous videopong 2014 awards go to:
finally i had time to go thru the combined 2014 uploads and rating statistic and this is how we’ve distributed the world famous videopong 2014 awards:

fredVJ fleisch





d) html5 video
we finally have html5 support which means you should be able to watch all clips on videopong also on your mobile devices and non-flash-enabled computers.

e) your e-mail address can also be used as your login (besides the login itself)
on popular demand we enhanced the login mechanism to accept also your registered emailaddress as login. … and if you forgot your password get a new one here.

f) User without uploads are invisible…
… and are also limited in what functions they can use. we had to change this because of a raising spamflood. means: only user with uploads can use all functions of videopong. so go go go and upload your own creations.

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