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Videopong feature sum-up to 0.5.7

Montag, November 29th, 2010

As we changed some code here and there and also added some new features during the last months, we thought it was time again for a new version number. as we put new features online when they work, you can follow us on twitter to get informed about new features directly when they get available.

a) new features

  • improved and enhanced search: its possible to search for a specific screenformat, tv-resolutions  or license
  • its now possible to donate via paypal and flattr. just klick at the bottom-right the “donate” link. thanx
  • clips dont get squeezed anymore. they keep their original aspect ratio in preview and thumbnails
  • your portfolio is now embedable on your own site. inside the portfolio editor the html-snippet is shown
  • get notified when replies to your comments are posted
  • videopong-onyx now preloads your last 3 watched clips at startup
  • support for facebooks „i like“
  • some top of last month ranking on front added to the alltime tops

b) events
we’ve also been to the that was really great. i hope to meet also some more videopong users to exchange ideas and wishes.

c) stuff
videopong has its own office now. ok ok, its just a table. but its inside a really cool studio where also the bildstörung vjs and some friends have their workplace.


Version 0.5.6 (aka „tätsch bäng meringue“ release)

Montag, Februar 8th, 2010

its a long time since we did a sum-up of new features and fixes in a new versionnumber. but some features are in production since weeks. but now it is worth for a new version as we added a whole bunch of new cool features this weekend. so lets start with the complete list, right after the break.

a) new features:

  • first and most important: we have now a online-browserbased vj-tool integrated. check out the tab „tools“ and choose „onyx„. more infos about onyx later
  • now its possible to have its own playlists. when containing at least 5 clips its also possible to publish it. playlists are also usable inside onyx. check out all the fabulous playlists „fleisch“ did! wow!!
  • in the portfoliomanager you’re able to define for each clip if it should autoplay, loop or be muted.
  • each clip has now a new tab showing its view-, download-, and onyx-usage-clipstatistics.
  • public domain license. if you want to publish your clips under public domain license you’re now able to.
  • we have an api for vj-tool-developer to get videopong clips also inside their vj-tool. get in contact if you’re interested.

b) lots of bugfixes and small enhancements like:

  • different performance issues in clipdetail
  • much much longer session livetime
  • nicer urls for most interesting pages

c) some other important stuff to mention

we had to introduce a new anti-leecher policy:

new users need to upload first at least 3 clips that are reviewed by administrators before they get visible and uploader gets a share-ratio to download stuff from videopong. this way we want to prevent leechers just creating an account, upload some stolen shit and leech everything. then an administrator needs to delete all those copyright violating clips and that account gets a bad share ratio, but the leecher just opens a new account and so on. this is not what videopong is meant to work! videopong supports vjs and videoartists that put much time and effort in their work and therefore should also get the respect and the credits.

once again we want to mention, that uploading a clip where you do not hold the copyright or dont have the permission from its owner to publish it, is not allowed and such clips are removed by staff as soon as we get knowledge of it. so please report  stolen and copyright violating clips via the surveillance-cam symbol  inside the clipview.

last but not least we were at the visualisation-festival in .de which was great fun and we’re looking forward to other festivals to provide to them a network-infrastructure and full videopong-functionality on site. if you’re interested please get in contact and read some infos about our portable take-away videopong server.

stay tuned for the next update that will bring again some nice enhancements, new features and fixes. but to that day, play around with online onyx as its great fun. thanx goes to the onyx developers that were such cooperative to build a cool online-vj-mixer. a fully reloaded onyx with midi, second outputscreen, 5 layers, and and and, videopong-connector will be available for mac/pc/linux soon. jeppa! and if you like onyx, let the developers know, as they did a really good job with their open source vj mixer.

does anybody like to do videotutorials? we’re looking for some help there. if you like to support us with this or also others just contact us. we’re looking forward for new ideas and support from the community.

Version 0.5.5 (aka „not a snow leotard“ release)

Donnerstag, September 24th, 2009

summer is over. at least here in zürich. but who cares. it gives us more time to hack and vj-giggs. its quite a long time since the last feature update but a lot has been done.

new features:

  • a new player that loops correct and works flawless
  • integration with an internet radio player (set your default station in your profile)
  • a clip-carousel inside clip-view for better clip browsing
  • a new thumbnail-rotator that works and even supports middle-mouse-button-to-open-new-tab
  • clip ratings now range from „really bad“ to „excellent“
  • user ratings calculated from the ratings on clips
  • its now possible to report a clip as copyright violation by clicking on the surveillance cam-icon. please use it and report us clips that are stolen, as we do not want to support leechers that do not respect other artists!
  • inside your profile you can now subscribe to the daily email digest, that informs you about all new clips

lots of bugfixes and small enhancements like:

  • loop state is now safed in your profile
  • the list view shows all 3 thumbnails
  • the user-list is now sortable

besides all the hacking videopong was again at the swiss vj camp and supported the vjs on site with a networkinfrastucture to share and remix clips. results went into the vj camp channel.  »more infos

and last but not least we’re now an a new server with lots of diskspace! jippi!!

Version 0.5.3 (aka „no idea for an aka“ release)

Freitag, Mai 22nd, 2009

new features:

  • a) „describe yourself“. users can add a description to themselfes
  • b) „userportfolio“. users can set up a portfolio of before selected own clips on one page. this is the first version of a userportfolio. more coming soon if you like this feature.
  • c) „autolinker“ inside clipdescription and „describe yourself“ urls are automatically getting links. just paste the whole internetaddress.
  • d) longer login duration.
  • e) lots lots and lots of documentation, project notes, concepts, roadmaps and so on updated. read the links at the bottom in the gray.
  • f) bugfixes and small changes here and there.

Version 0.5.2 (aka „grillcheese“ release)

Samstag, März 28th, 2009

Neue Features:

  • a) upload/download-ratio anzeigen im profil
  • b) clip-type und clip-style können editiert werden und sind auch ein suchargument
  • c) clipdetail-seite merkt sich eingebette clips und zeigt diese an (sofern der einbett-code nach dem 21.03.09 kopiert wurde)
  • d) featured und random clip auf startseite
  • e) crew link, crews, location und nationalität bei user
  • f) contact/book/projektanfrage an user
  • g) chat/shoutbox auf startseite für eingeloggte user

Version 0.5.1 (aka „icestorm“ release)

Samstag, Februar 28th, 2009

Neue Features:

  • a) Instant-Preview des Clips in den Listen
  • b) Zusatzseiten, Blog und Forum sind eröffnet
  • c) Remixes mit freier Channel-Wahl
  • d) Uploader
    • – speichert Clipdauer, FPS, Filesize und Framesize für spätere Suche usw
    • – katorisierung nach Type und Style
    • – zeigt an wieviel Prozent und Bytes schon hochgeladen sind während dem Upload
    • – neu bis 80MB grosse Files möglich
    • – minimale Terms & Conditions müssen bestätigt werden
  • e) Channelliste mit Channel-Beschreibung

Version 0.5 (aka „first beta“ release)

Samstag, Dezember 6th, 2008

Neue Features:

  • a) komplett neues Design
  • b) Verbesserter Uploader
    • – Clip preview
    • – Nicht unterstützte Formate werden erkannt
    • – neu hochladen falls Upload nicht geklappt hat
  • c) Viewcounter counted effektive Film-Views
    • – inklusive Views auf fremden Webseiten, wo der Clip integriert wurde (bitte alle neu embedden)
  • d) Adieu Edit-Rules, welcome Description
    • – das Feld wird nun als Beschreibung verwendet
  • e) Clip editieren
    • – Titel und Beschreibung eigener Clips lassen sich jederzeit Editieren.
    • – Clips können versteckt werden

Version 0.4 (aka „shift“ release)

Mittwoch, Oktober 22nd, 2008

Neue Features:

  • a) Channels und öffentliches Browsen
    • – öffentlich sichtbare, öffentlich uploadbare, private, …
    • – Channel-Rechte per User
    • – öffentliches Browsen. nur registrierte können uploaden/raten/commenten/downloaden
  • b) kleinere Sachen
    • – Besserer Upload (erkennen von unkonvertierbaren und reupload falls Konversion nicht geklappt hat)
    • – Releasenotes in den Site-Info
    • – Selbstregistration (Autonom oder Freischaltung je nach Setup)
    • – Passwort reset-mechanismus
    • – Clip als Loop abspielen
  • c) Administration
    • – User Management
    • – Delete tote Clips
    • – Delete Clip-Trees
  • d) mobiler Server
    • – Konversion beim Upload in separates Directory (samba share)
    • – Komplett neuer Server und Setup, einfacheres Handling

Version 0.3.3 (aka „pastagratin“ release)

Sonntag, September 21st, 2008

Neue Features:

  • a) Das wichtigste neue Feature ist eindeutig der VJ-Tool-ready-download:
    • im Profil gibts die Möglichkeit einen Download-Preset zu wählen (Im
      Moment gibts nur einen: 640×480, avi, mjpg, nosound).
    • – Danach kann man in jedem Clip-Detail nicht nur das Original sondern auch das Konvertierte (nach Preset) runterladen.
    • – dieser erste Preset wurde erfolgreich in Resolume, Modul8, Arkaos getestet. Falls ihr weitere braucht bitte diese melden.
  • b) Social Bookmarking: Tell a friend, Save to, Digg,.. wird
    allerdings erst interessant, sobald öffentliches Browsen möglich ist (bald).
  • c) kleinere Sachen
    • – Die gewählte Listenansicht wird nun im Profil gespeichert
    • – Watch-Listen haben nun Pageselektor
    • – das Embed-html hat jetzt einen Link zurück in Videopong-Clipdetail
      (doppelklick auf Player)
  • d) Administration

    • – erste einfache Möglichkeit den Inhalt vom Intranetserver in den Webserver
      zu kopieren. (So wurde Inhalt vom Camp hochgeladen)
    • – Newsletter an die Videopong-User. (Kann im Profil ab-abonniert werden)

Version 0.3.2 (aka „midsummer“ release)

Montag, September 1st, 2008

a lot of bugfixes