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awards, new rating system, new API!

Donnerstag, September 22nd, 2016

we’ve been pretty active to optimise videopong and added also a very cool and important feature for all you developers out there… but lets start smooth:
a) top 2015 user awards (finally)
oh man, i forgot that completely. but now here are the users that uploaded the most and got the most positive ratings and downloads and so on. congrats to:



b) new rating system
it’s the long awaited simplification of the whole rating system. we only have up- and down-votes from now on! which is much easier and clearer than the old one. we’ve converted all votes in the database and some reputations (the upvotes minus the downvotes) changed and therefore the sort along the votes. so, sorry for the clips that went down a bit, but hurray to the ones that went up.
with or you can now also see what you’ve voted.

c) Public json-api to interface with
yesss!!! its been so long on my todo/wish list i finally spent the time to add it. videopong has now a (almost) full featured api to interface with the huge pool of clips. even uploading is implemented. so this goes out to all vj-tool-hackers: get in contact if you’re interested to use that api in your application.

to start the api-enabled tool showcase we start with a browser based vj-tool:

videopong api

Glitch Gif VJ


Freitag, Juni 24th, 2016

its already a year since the last videopong newsletter. wow that went pretty fast. anyway we still have news that you might have not noticed. so i keep it short:

a) a new uploader (january)
yes! upload a full batch of clips at once (you’re also able to drag and drop them). try it! its much more comfortable now. and of course we have DXV and HAP upload.

b) random-zappers (february)
– small (a lot of clips):
– medium:
– big (few clips):
way better than watching tv as you get a new selection each 2mins…

c) videopong history wrap up
sorry, its all in swiss german but if you understand it, here my latest videopong presentation at a visual artist meeting at dock18 in zürich:

d) HURRAY: 20’000 clips! (may)
jep, mid may we had the 20’000th clip going online. almost exactly 8 years after my first line of code for videopong! go out and project some of your videopong footage this weekend! let’s celebrate our free footage exchange platform.

dxv and hap sharing possible now

Montag, Juni 15th, 2015

a) dxv and hap sharing – jippi!

Hap and DXV are both fantastic video codecs, but up until now it was not possible to share files encoded with them in Videopong, as there was no decoder for them on Linux. However we’ve come up with a hack that works, so sharing both is now possible! Just upload them like any other files. Please let us know if you encounter any problems sharing these files as we work through any kinks.
b) keep videopong running for this year – we’re almost there!

We are making great progress and are at 65% of our funding goal for 2015. To keep the Videopong servers running, please consider donating here. If you did already: thank you so much. you’re keeping our share platform for vjs alive.

Rewards and Perks:

>$30 – Donator Badge on
>$50 – Decide which clip gets featured on the front
>$100 – A very limited organic videopong t-shirt
>$100 – A very limited mini videopong mag-lite (yeah, my little live-gig-saver)
>$5 – Promo-Code for the (read more below)

The Resolume plugin allows you to load all Videopong videos directly into your Resolume sessions – without needing to download them. By just pasting the video URLs into the plugin, you can try to integrate all kinds of clips with your set and favorite effects.

Just like any other video clips, you can use MIDI or OSC to play, pause and adjust the videos, and the timeline functions are all linked to the Resolume dashboard.

You can purchase the plugin for $20 or get it for free with all donations of at least $5 on the videopong fundraising campaign. Learn more about that plugin here:


c) we’re looking for people with passion and vision

if you want to run contests, spread our news, php develop, translate, want to use videopong for class, hack hardware, organize an exhibition, make art,… we’re an open archive with an api and the possibility to maintain our own codebase, so we all can build lots of stuff around videopong (like our rating-station). get in contact.

Share Everything Contest – win a VDMX license till 17 July – extended to 28 July

Dienstag, Juni 18th, 2013

Now for something different… our first contest celebrating the new ability to „share everything“. We are looking for the best code for generative and/or interactive visuals or other config/project files and will be giving away an amazing prize!

We ask that you share two things: first, create the visuals with your tool! And then also some short video documentation of the code/config/project/… in action. then just upload the video like you normally do on videopong. Then, when viewing the video’s page, hit „add an attachment to this clip“ and upload the original interactive composition, project file, code, 3D-model, or any other resources as a single zip file.

more info on how clips can be recorded – for inspiration – can be found here or read a beginner tutorial on making your own Quartz Composer compositions here. But also other source files from any other tool are possible.

Cappello Explosive Cubes Explosive Points Flower Cubic
Flying dog and chicken geometric movement Gradient Group Therapy
Lsd Space Mix Midi QC Ableton Pesci Pelosi Quartz Grid Tutorial
Reactive Points Simple Laser Space Lines The Nodes react to audio

the prize is a full license of VDMX from VIDVOX !! Yes!!

VDMX is a leading environment for Mac based VJs, creative coders, lighting designers and media artists to build their own visual performance tools tailored to their specific needs.  Designed to be flexible and extensible to meet the goals of each individual project big or small, VDMX can handle everything from multiple layers of HD movie playback, real-time interactive video generators and FX processing, and live feeds from Syphon or cameras.  Find out more at

Have fun creating and uploading as many entries as you like! The contest runs through 28 July.


here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)

shiny toys review

Dienstag, Oktober 23rd, 2012

wow. what a nice weekend at the space. thanx to all that were there and helped to make it happen. we built and run a videopong-rating station where people could vote clips:


Videopong at VJ-Festivals in Summer 2010

Donnerstag, August 5th, 2010

its already a while since the last news. just a short note that we’re still alive . we’ve been to 3 very exciting festivals and did also some little developments at the platform itself. more details right after the break.

a) festivals
videopong has been invited by the LPM (roma in mai), Visualberlin Festival (berlin in june) and festival visual brasil (barcelona in july).

On all of them we ran our portable take-away server, from which we have now a new much much more portable system, that can also act as internetstreaming server for (live)video and (live)audio. it was very nice to meet users and see the developers of onyx. it was also great to see some clips, that are published exclusively on videopong, being played live. even some from our staff  .

big thanx to all that were involved in the organization of those festivals. we had a really nice time and enjoyed it very much.

b) development
On development side we were not so active, but did some important perfomance improvements and lots of small bugfixes. at least also some to mention:

  • lots of improvements to react faster on copyright violations and a way to keep leechers away. this means more work for our team, but we really think this is worth it. videopong is meant to be for the artists that want to share their own artwork with others.
  • for the year 2009 we’ve given some awards to the top users that supported videopong with their unique and wonderful content: fleisch as „gold top uploader 2009“, this and amadeus each as „silver top uploader 2009“
  • improved and enhanced search: its possible to search for a specific screenformat or license.
  • its now possible to donate via paypal and flattr. just klick at the bottom-right the „donate“ link. thanx.

in the next few weeks we try to make the next step on development-side that contains swf-upload and many other enhancements and usability fixes.

c) some current stats on the community

  • > 4300 uploaded clips
  • around 1000 users from more than 65 countries
  • > 230’000 clip views
  • > 28’000 clip downloads

in april it was 2 years since the first line of code and in june it was 1 year since the first public announcement and therefore we d’like to thank the staff behind the scene, all helpers, partners, supporters and donators. and of course also you!

lpm - rome


festival visual brasil - barcelona

festival visual brasil

flyer 2010

our 2010 festival flyer by this

Videopong at the Shift Festival 09

Montag, Oktober 26th, 2009

This years Shift Festival, with Tech-Evocations and Assumptions of Paranormal Realities as its theme, presented an enchantingly varied programme at the exhibition and on stage.

The swissbased VJ Label Videokultur presented themselfes with a cargo container and our videopong portable take-away server was on place to provide the VJs a share server and a surfstation to let the visitors watch the work of the collective.



Videopong at the Swiss VJ Camp 09

Mittwoch, August 19th, 2009

Several VJs and Musician met at the videokultur vj camp from 14.-16.08.2009 in Luzern (CH) which is a platform for vjs to discuss, share, play, learn, teach, remix, produce, hack, connect, grill, chill, etc… several days and nights with a complete club infrastructure, lab, kitchen and sleeping possibilities.

The portable Take-Away Server was once again used as internal Share-Platform and Internet-Gateway. All clips created at the camp got transfered to the online videopong into the new channel “ vj camp 2009″.

If you want the Videopong portable Take-Away Server be part at your Festival, get in contact with us.







Videopong am Shift Festival 08

Sonntag, November 2nd, 2008

Das Shift Festival gewährt auf internationalem Level Einblicke in das ausgesprochen dynamische Feld der elektronischen Künste. Das umfasst Musik, visuelle Kunst, Film, Video, Internet und vor allem Projekte oder Produktionen, welche die klassischen Spartengrenzen überschreiten.

Shift ist ein Festival, welches ein Thema durch alle Programmpunkte hindurch ins Zentrum stellt. Auf „access“ im Jahr 2007 folgte 2008 „record, record – aufzeichnen-speichern-verarbeiten“. Untersucht und hinterfragt wurde die obsessive Aufzeichnungs- und Speicherwut unserer Zeit – tiefschürfend und witzig, überraschend und ernsthaft, analytisch, diskursiv und spielerisch mit künstlerischen Positionen sowie in hochkarätig besetzten Konferenzen und Talks.

An dieser letztjährigen Ausgabe des Festivals vom 23.-26.10.2008 waren die VJs vom VJ-Label Videokultur rund um die Uhr im Videolabor präsent, standen dem Publikum Rede und Antwort und setzten sich intensiv mit der Festival-Thematik «record, record – aufzeichnen-speichern-verarbeiten» auseinander. Unterstützt wurden Sie vom Videopong Take-Away Server, welcher nicht nur als Content-Plattform für die VJs verwendet wurde, sondern auch als Video-Informations-Kiosk für die Besucher des Festivals um sich über Videokultur und deren Mitglieder zu informieren.


Videopong am VJ Camp 08

Montag, Juli 28th, 2008

Vom 24.-27. Juli traf sich die schweizer VJ-Szene erstmals auf ein gemeinsames Wochenende im Sedel Luzern. Neben ca 20 VJs und Musikern aus der ganzen Schweiz war auch Videopong mit dem ersten Take-away Server vor Ort. Bereits in diesem frühen Entwicklungsstadium, nach nur 3 Monaten aktiver Entwicklung, hat sich Videopong als collaborative Plattform für VJs bewährt und konnte vor Ort die Infrastruktur, für die anwesenden VJs bereit stellen um Clips auszutauschen und gemeinsam zu bearbeiten.

vjcamp 08