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videopong+ , new embed, awards!

Mittwoch, März 1st, 2017

here come the latest news, right after the code publish…

a) new embed
the old „embed a clip in your website mechanism“ was still based on a very old flash. from now on we have a much better mechanism, which is actually the same player and size as your clips on videopong. please replace your clip-embeds with the new code. the old is still working for another month, but then the old player gets replaced with a message that shows you how to replace your embed code (just copy/paste then).


b) videopong+ membership
as you know videopong is fully non-commercial and a spare-time project. but still there are some bills to pay (server rent, domain names, player licences, …). i managed to finance videopong in the past with art-sponsorings, selling a white labeled version, crowd funding and paying by my own. i’ve never got any money from this project but think it should fund itself. so i ask you members to upgrade to a videopong+ membership, which is 10$ a year or once 100$ for a lifetime membership.

so here is the deal: with 10$ per year or 100$ once, you get a videopong+ membership: first it will unlock all cool features to come. second and most important you support videopong and allow it to stay alive and last but not least your share-ratio gets doubled and you get a lovely badge ( and ) !
everything about videopong+ memberships

no worry: all the features videopong offers now, keep staying for non-videopong+ members. but your help is highly appreciated. thanx!


c) top 2016 user awards
here are the users that uploaded the most and got the most positive ratings and downloads and so on. congrats to:




thanks for your support and looking forward for new clips and ideas.
ivo –

Win a Blendy Dome VJ License and get featured at the FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival!

Montag, September 8th, 2014

it’s indeed a long time since the last newsletter but itself is still a very buzzing platform and meanwhile there are
16’500 clips available from more than 4300 visual artists around the globe.

And we have even more amazing news for you:

a) New contest “IMMERSION” just started:
Win a Blendy Dome VJ License and get featured at the FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival!

yeah! we’re sure you’ve heard of Blendy Dome VJ: The Fulldome Mapping Software. BDVJ is an intuitive dome mapping tool that
features a realtime domemaster slicer, a 3D content viewer and much more. This next generation software can easily map any dome
surface using 1 laptop with 3-6 projector outputs and 1 to 2 Matrox Triplehead adaptors to project on curved surfaces. Blendy Dome
VJ reads any Syphon Server playing domemaster and also allows you to preview content on a virtual 3D dome before your show.

The FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival is the 7th and 8th of November at the National Space Centre in Leicester (UK) and debutes
fulldome films (short and feature length). It is a fulldome film festival with realtime/VJ performances, Talks and discussions and
presentations about the fulldome medium.
Tickets available or sign-up for the news. If you’re already into fulldome projections and have a short, a feature film or a live
performance you can submit it until the 14th September to take part the Fulldome UK 2014.

The Winner Clip of the contest “IMMERSION” on videopong will win a full license of Blendy Dome VJ (800€) and it will be
integrated in the United VJs (Brasil) fulldome VJ set with credits to be presented at FULLDOME UK 2014 next 8th of November.
To Win this amazing prize bundle you just need to upload Clips to our theme “IMMERSION” on videopong. Your uploads should
be in the Domemaster 1K Format (1024x1024pixels, check this 1K Template and Description) but other content will also be
considered. If you’re the winner, you will be asked to provide at least a resolution of 2048×2048 pixels using this 2K Template.

Check the uploaded entries now.

The Contest runs till 7th of october, so go for it! and good luck!

b) Download-Basket
A great new Feature that can safe your live: Add clips to the Download-Basket and download them in one batch. The same works also
if you need to re-download all your already downloaded clips or even better with all your uploads. so after a data-loss you can quickly
recover with just a bunch of clicks. Check the “users” Menu for “my Downloads” and the “my Uploads” (which contains also some
nice statistics about your clips).

c) clip rating station on Tour
Do you host a Video-Art or VJ-Festival and would like to present in an interactive way? I can send you the Rating
Station and you just need to plug it into a computer and let your guests explore the archive of videopong and rate the clips. get in
or here.


d) want to be part of the community behind videopong?
join our user group:



Mittwoch, November 6th, 2013

as you might have already seen, we introduced a badge system.

got some badges?

Attachment you uploaded at least one attachment
Yearly Awards award that is given by videopong, depending on how your uploads got rated in relation to your uploads
Contest Winner you won a contest
Donator you donated some bucks (please donate!)
Downloads your clips were downloaded at least so many times
Featured At least one of your clips was featured on the Frontpage
Map you added your Location to the VJ-Map
Support General Support of Videopong, like spending your time to help out with different things (translation, writing, creating publicity, … we need your help: get in contact)
Uploads You uploaded at least so many clips

see who already got some here:


want to be included?

join our user group:

share everything!!

Dienstag, April 30th, 2013

a week ago we did not only celebrate 8years since the first upload on youtube, but also 5years since the first upload on videopong. and because we’re still in celebration-mood we published now the most important update since back then: we call it „share everything„. in short words this means we’re now able to share not only clips on videopong, but also every kind of files: … project files/interactive patches/executables/source code/… whatever you like!

share everything

all is pretty fresh, but so far quite well tested, but some hickups could be still around. basically we call such uploads „attachments“ and it works like this:
– upload a clip which shows the output of your attachment or a short tutorial to your attachment
– at the clip-detail page of all your clips you find the new „add an attachment to this clip“-link. upload it there…

we want to allow vjs to share not only their pre-rendered footage, but also their sources and interactive stuff and software pieces with other vjs.

(not everything is finished yet, but we like it already so much, that we want to release it. some features and some cleanups will come soon… we’ve not even had time to upload something ourselves yet…)

here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)

player update

Montag, Februar 25th, 2013

a) New player

as you might have already seen, we have new player and the previews are also bigger. and very soon, we activate mp4 also to have working videopong also on fruit-devices… yes! please report bugs, if its not working in your browser…


b) let us know your success stories you have with videopong

write us how videopong changed your vjing. we’re going to publish interviews/showcases with videopong users on our blog.

videopong presents vpDude

Montag, Februar 13th, 2012

very soon videopong gets 3 years old and this time we have a present for you: we’re proud to announce to the public „vpDude“ – an integrated tool to manage, tag, share, and expand your own vj library on your hard drive. more info and download here. (beta testers need to uninstall their version and reinstall it manually. sorry mates…)


a) users

  • we checked the rating-stats for 2011 and gave the „top uploader 2011“-award to the following users: theLABvisuals, fleisch and this. thanx mates! excellent work!

b) new features

  • the download-filename can be changed to your own schema (set it in your settings)
  • number of clips in list views is changeable
  • users with good share-ratio have access on a cliplog (see downloaders, …)

c) events

  • swiss vj camp ’12: if you’re around basel switzerland the 25/26.may you should get in contact as we do there also a videopong-user-meeting and many other cool things.


    d) internals and stuff

    • wow, we have already more than 9000 clips online. lets head forward for 10K!

    Version 0.6 (aka „after the dust“)

    Donnerstag, Oktober 27th, 2011

    25% more videopong! yeah, it took us very long to get started, but now here is our refreshed design. a special new feature we want to mention is the day/night switch (top-right). everything else is more or less the same, but looks nicer.

    a) new features

    • add your twitteraccount and show your feed in your user-detail-page. add also facebook and google+ links…
    • random zapper in fullscreen browser rocks! better than watching tv … he he.

    b) events

    • poolloop 2011 festival where videopong was curator, videopool and installation rocked very much. see here how the random zapper interacted with those diy micronoise pieces:

    c) internals and stuff

    videopong rocketlaunch…

    Freitag, August 7th, 2009

    2 months after the first public announcement and 1.5 months after the post on vjforums, videopong grew already dramatically:

    • over       40 GB traffic per month (july)
    • over     200 active users
    • over  1’000 uploaded clips
    • over   4’000 downloaded clips
    • over   8’000 lines of code
    • over 20’000 clip views
    • over 40’000 page hits from all over the world:



    thanks and big ups to all contributors and helpers making videopong such a cool project!

    many things are already in the pipeline and hopefully come soon. but first we’re off to the streetparade here in zürich (switzerland) and then at the VJ Camp in luzern (switzerland).

    happy videoponging.
    ivo – mr.shintla

    ps: helpers and people connected to festivals where videopong could be part of it on site with its portable take-away server, please feel free to contact us