awards, new rating system, new API!

we’ve been pretty active to optimise videopong and added also a very cool and important feature for all you developers out there… but lets start smooth:
a) top 2015 user awards (finally)
oh man, i forgot that completely. but now here are the users that uploaded the most and got the most positive ratings and downloads and so on. congrats to:



b) new rating system
it’s the long awaited simplification of the whole rating system. we only have up- and down-votes from now on! which is much easier and clearer than the old one. we’ve converted all votes in the database and some reputations (the upvotes minus the downvotes) changed and therefore the sort along the votes. so, sorry for the clips that went down a bit, but hurray to the ones that went up.
with or you can now also see what you’ve voted.

c) Public json-api to interface with
yesss!!! its been so long on my todo/wish list i finally spent the time to add it. videopong has now a (almost) full featured api to interface with the huge pool of clips. even uploading is implemented. so this goes out to all vj-tool-hackers: get in contact if you’re interested to use that api in your application.

to start the api-enabled tool showcase we start with a browser based vj-tool:

videopong api

Glitch Gif VJ

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