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Win a Blendy Dome VJ License and get featured at the FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival!

Montag, September 8th, 2014

it’s indeed a long time since the last newsletter but itself is still a very buzzing platform and meanwhile there are
16’500 clips available from more than 4300 visual artists around the globe.

And we have even more amazing news for you:

a) New contest “IMMERSION” just started:
Win a Blendy Dome VJ License and get featured at the FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival!

yeah! we’re sure you’ve heard of Blendy Dome VJ: The Fulldome Mapping Software. BDVJ is an intuitive dome mapping tool that
features a realtime domemaster slicer, a 3D content viewer and much more. This next generation software can easily map any dome
surface using 1 laptop with 3-6 projector outputs and 1 to 2 Matrox Triplehead adaptors to project on curved surfaces. Blendy Dome
VJ reads any Syphon Server playing domemaster and also allows you to preview content on a virtual 3D dome before your show.

The FULLDOME UK 2014 Festival is the 7th and 8th of November at the National Space Centre in Leicester (UK) and debutes
fulldome films (short and feature length). It is a fulldome film festival with realtime/VJ performances, Talks and discussions and
presentations about the fulldome medium.
Tickets available or sign-up for the news. If you’re already into fulldome projections and have a short, a feature film or a live
performance you can submit it until the 14th September to take part the Fulldome UK 2014.

The Winner Clip of the contest “IMMERSION” on videopong will win a full license of Blendy Dome VJ (800€) and it will be
integrated in the United VJs (Brasil) fulldome VJ set with credits to be presented at FULLDOME UK 2014 next 8th of November.
To Win this amazing prize bundle you just need to upload Clips to our theme “IMMERSION” on videopong. Your uploads should
be in the Domemaster 1K Format (1024x1024pixels, check this 1K Template and Description) but other content will also be
considered. If you’re the winner, you will be asked to provide at least a resolution of 2048×2048 pixels using this 2K Template.

Check the uploaded entries now.

The Contest runs till 7th of october, so go for it! and good luck!

b) Download-Basket
A great new Feature that can safe your live: Add clips to the Download-Basket and download them in one batch. The same works also
if you need to re-download all your already downloaded clips or even better with all your uploads. so after a data-loss you can quickly
recover with just a bunch of clicks. Check the “users” Menu for “my Downloads” and the “my Uploads” (which contains also some
nice statistics about your clips).

c) clip rating station on Tour
Do you host a Video-Art or VJ-Festival and would like to present in an interactive way? I can send you the Rating
Station and you just need to plug it into a computer and let your guests explore the archive of videopong and rate the clips. get in
or here.


d) want to be part of the community behind videopong?
join our user group: