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share everything!!

Dienstag, April 30th, 2013

a week ago we did not only celebrate 8years since the first upload on youtube, but also 5years since the first upload on videopong. and because we’re still in celebration-mood we published now the most important update since back then: we call it „share everything„. in short words this means we’re now able to share not only clips on videopong, but also every kind of files: … project files/interactive patches/executables/source code/… whatever you like!

share everything

all is pretty fresh, but so far quite well tested, but some hickups could be still around. basically we call such uploads „attachments“ and it works like this:
– upload a clip which shows the output of your attachment or a short tutorial to your attachment
– at the clip-detail page of all your clips you find the new „add an attachment to this clip“-link. upload it there…

we want to allow vjs to share not only their pre-rendered footage, but also their sources and interactive stuff and software pieces with other vjs.

(not everything is finished yet, but we like it already so much, that we want to release it. some features and some cleanups will come soon… we’ve not even had time to upload something ourselves yet…)

here the tutorial how to capture the output of patches with vdmx, and second part how to upload it on videopong (start at 7:30)