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shiny toys review

Dienstag, Oktober 23rd, 2012

wow. what a nice weekend at the space. thanx to all that were there and helped to make it happen. we built and run a videopong-rating station where people could vote clips:


second contest finished AND third already started! WIN A V4 MIXER

Freitag, Oktober 12th, 2012

quite a lot going on here:

a) third contest started: win an edirol V4 video mixer
our third videopong contest will be a bit different, this time with the prize of a (almost not) used edirol V4 video mixer. the only rule this time is that your video must be analog.

you have until December 31 for this contest. someone will get a very nice christmas/new years present!

upload your submissions to the contest channel as remix of this clip which shows also some examples of what we’re looking for. use your imagination, play around, experiment, hack, do-it-yourself… enjoy!


b) shiny toys *space 18-21. Oct 2012
ivo will hanging out and working at shiny toys *space 2012 in moers, germany with the take-away server. please come say hi… we plan on potentially hacking things, building videopong interfaces, talking, maybe doing a soldering workshop. if there’s anything in specific you’d like to do or demonstrate, please send us a note. otherwise just stop by when you are there!


c) do you know javascript? want to join the team?
videopong is searching for a passionate javascript developer to help develop a library to paint/show n-remix trees. if you’re interested in helping out, and helping make videopong even better, please send us a note for more details. we’re very excited about getting this implemented

d) livid CellDNA contest winner
congratulations to
VJ Beyond The Eye for winning the livid/videopong remiix contest! the winning clip can be found here:

the winning remix by VJ Beyond The Eye