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first remix contest started!

Freitag, Juni 1st, 2012

a lot is going on on the videopong-iverse. we try hard to inform you even better and keep up with the news…

a) win Resolume Avenue 4 in june

remix a clip and win a boxed version of Resolume Avenue 4! our friends at resolume have given us a very simple clip – a line going across the screen. to enter the contest, go here and either remix that clip or do a remix of someone else’s remix of that clip by the end of june. may the best remix win! if you don’t have a chance to remix the clip, go check out the entries and rate them to help us determine a winner. clips take part when uploaded as remix (or remix of a remix, or remix of a remix of a remix, …) to that clip.

our huge thanks to Resolume for their generous support and great idea. you can learn more and try out a trial
version of the software on their website.

check out our contest-channel for regular updates, we’re going to host some more contest there soon. if you want to host also a contest get in contact.


b) new features

as you might have noticed, we now are multi-language. so if you’re language is missing and want to help and do a translation get in contact


c) events

  • last weekend we were at the swiss vj camp ‘12 which was great fun and a pleasure to see so much swiss vjs together. and hey we’re open for other vj camps and vj festivals also, so invite us!
  • This year at the mapping we were only spectators, but liked it very much. thanx guys!
  • Greets to all at the LPM. See you in Rome.