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first channels and 300’000$

Mittwoch, Juni 15th, 2011

now that we have your complete attention we want to make a call to use our new channels: lowkey , poolloop .

  • lowkey-channel: A channel for all high contrast, black & white keyable content & remixes.
  • poolloop-channel: for the poolloop festival (zurich) we’re trying to build a videopool that is used in very different ways during the festival: remix-session with audio- and text-remixes, clips act as input for audio-noise-generators that can be built during a diy-solder-workshop, are used by some installations, are reviewed, rated, mixed, shared, … you can also add you’re already uploaded clips to this channel to let it remix.
  • anyone interested to curate a tutorials channel? get in contact

a) new features

  • oh lala. the last weeks we had to focus on a lot of other stuff than developing. but some nice things possibly appear pretty soon. if you have ideas about features let us know here

b) events

  • lpm and mapping were again amazing. we’ve met some nice people and seen also here and there some clips from videopong… great fun!

c) internals and stuff

  • we’re rich: if facebook worths 100billion$ for 500million user, videopong is worth at least 300’000$ with its 1’500 users. beside that, it even contains real content, not just mental diarrhea! nice dream. reality looks different. so lets donate something to videopong. in 3 years of existence only 1 (one) person donated to videopong! be the second one and get shares…
  • we’re looking for copyright-sheriffs. if you know a lot of all those published clips out there and want to help us, to keep videopong a clean and safe place, get in contact
  • on the 1.july we’re changing our ridiculous terms and conditions to some real ones, that might have a legal substance. actually it does not change anything at all, but defines more what you’re allowed to do and we’re allowed to do. please check the draft and let us know if you dont agree on something. otherwise those get active without any further notice.