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Version 0.5.8 (aka „vp unleashed“)

Freitag, Mai 6th, 2011

lets start a series of good news. this month: we finaly managed to develop a feature, you were all waiting for: videopong opens up for channel curators! this is your chance to take control! more right after the break.

a) new features

  • channel-curators: we’re looking now for curators that want to run their own channel on videopong, invite artists to that channel, set up the subject, your own concept, … get in contact if you’re interested and tell us about your channel.
  • new clip category: stereoscopic. yes its 3d time, so mark your work, to get it found via search.

b) events

c) internals and stuff

  • in april we checked the rating-stats for 2010 and gave the „top uploader 2010“-award to the following users: fleisch, this, amadeus. thanx mates! excellent work!
  • „remix manifesto“. if you dont know that movie: watch it.