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Videopong feature sum-up to 0.5.7

Montag, November 29th, 2010

As we changed some code here and there and also added some new features during the last months, we thought it was time again for a new version number. as we put new features online when they work, you can follow us on twitter to get informed about new features directly when they get available.

a) new features

  • improved and enhanced search: its possible to search for a specific screenformat, tv-resolutions  or license
  • its now possible to donate via paypal and flattr. just klick at the bottom-right the “donate” link. thanx
  • clips dont get squeezed anymore. they keep their original aspect ratio in preview and thumbnails
  • your portfolio is now embedable on your own site. inside the portfolio editor the html-snippet is shown
  • get notified when replies to your comments are posted
  • videopong-onyx now preloads your last 3 watched clips at startup
  • support for facebooks „i like“
  • some top of last month ranking on front added to the alltime tops

b) events
we’ve also been to the that was really great. i hope to meet also some more videopong users to exchange ideas and wishes.

c) stuff
videopong has its own office now. ok ok, its just a table. but its inside a really cool studio where also the bildstörung vjs and some friends have their workplace.