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Version 0.5.6 (aka „tätsch bäng meringue“ release)

Montag, Februar 8th, 2010

its a long time since we did a sum-up of new features and fixes in a new versionnumber. but some features are in production since weeks. but now it is worth for a new version as we added a whole bunch of new cool features this weekend. so lets start with the complete list, right after the break.

a) new features:

  • first and most important: we have now a online-browserbased vj-tool integrated. check out the tab „tools“ and choose „onyx„. more infos about onyx later
  • now its possible to have its own playlists. when containing at least 5 clips its also possible to publish it. playlists are also usable inside onyx. check out all the fabulous playlists „fleisch“ did! wow!!
  • in the portfoliomanager you’re able to define for each clip if it should autoplay, loop or be muted.
  • each clip has now a new tab showing its view-, download-, and onyx-usage-clipstatistics.
  • public domain license. if you want to publish your clips under public domain license you’re now able to.
  • we have an api for vj-tool-developer to get videopong clips also inside their vj-tool. get in contact if you’re interested.

b) lots of bugfixes and small enhancements like:

  • different performance issues in clipdetail
  • much much longer session livetime
  • nicer urls for most interesting pages

c) some other important stuff to mention

we had to introduce a new anti-leecher policy:

new users need to upload first at least 3 clips that are reviewed by administrators before they get visible and uploader gets a share-ratio to download stuff from videopong. this way we want to prevent leechers just creating an account, upload some stolen shit and leech everything. then an administrator needs to delete all those copyright violating clips and that account gets a bad share ratio, but the leecher just opens a new account and so on. this is not what videopong is meant to work! videopong supports vjs and videoartists that put much time and effort in their work and therefore should also get the respect and the credits.

once again we want to mention, that uploading a clip where you do not hold the copyright or dont have the permission from its owner to publish it, is not allowed and such clips are removed by staff as soon as we get knowledge of it. so please report  stolen and copyright violating clips via the surveillance-cam symbol  inside the clipview.

last but not least we were at the visualisation-festival in .de which was great fun and we’re looking forward to other festivals to provide to them a network-infrastructure and full videopong-functionality on site. if you’re interested please get in contact and read some infos about our portable take-away videopong server.

stay tuned for the next update that will bring again some nice enhancements, new features and fixes. but to that day, play around with online onyx as its great fun. thanx goes to the onyx developers that were such cooperative to build a cool online-vj-mixer. a fully reloaded onyx with midi, second outputscreen, 5 layers, and and and, videopong-connector will be available for mac/pc/linux soon. jeppa! and if you like onyx, let the developers know, as they did a really good job with their open source vj mixer.

does anybody like to do videotutorials? we’re looking for some help there. if you like to support us with this or also others just contact us. we’re looking forward for new ideas and support from the community.