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Version 0.5.5 (aka „not a snow leotard“ release)

Donnerstag, September 24th, 2009

summer is over. at least here in zürich. but who cares. it gives us more time to hack and vj-giggs. its quite a long time since the last feature update but a lot has been done.

new features:

  • a new player that loops correct and works flawless
  • integration with an internet radio player (set your default station in your profile)
  • a clip-carousel inside clip-view for better clip browsing
  • a new thumbnail-rotator that works and even supports middle-mouse-button-to-open-new-tab
  • clip ratings now range from „really bad“ to „excellent“
  • user ratings calculated from the ratings on clips
  • its now possible to report a clip as copyright violation by clicking on the surveillance cam-icon. please use it and report us clips that are stolen, as we do not want to support leechers that do not respect other artists!
  • inside your profile you can now subscribe to the daily email digest, that informs you about all new clips

lots of bugfixes and small enhancements like:

  • loop state is now safed in your profile
  • the list view shows all 3 thumbnails
  • the user-list is now sortable

besides all the hacking videopong was again at the swiss vj camp and supported the vjs on site with a networkinfrastucture to share and remix clips. results went into the vj camp channel.  »more infos

and last but not least we’re now an a new server with lots of diskspace! jippi!!