Playlist "bildstörung live vjs - work samples from different years and giggs" of mr.shintla

some collection of our clips from the last view years. get more infos http://www.bildstoerung.ch
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DISTORTED win a V4 Videomixer - analog contest examples - 12.10. - 31.12.2012 ... fracture processing formflow3 flying city Foot_1 elektron_03 earth_vs_insect
opp_031 goes japan opp_025 portrait_tec_002 point_line_area_2 point_line_area_1 sw triangle_3 diagonal noise type-fashion-dia rmx flaer
A B C up up up trailer layo & bushwacka videopong plakat cut_4 fly set lpm fly set lpm fly set lpm basic countdown particel
rakete slooow water ziczak blabla justice remix - type # lets buy your friends hand scratch stripes3head peaks
animal trainer - thao rekism  vjc'09_40  vjc'09_34  vjc'09_15 nostalgy girl flyght #QF6 flight numbers raster points wall object
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